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Thank you for visiting my website. I'm an iOS developer in bay area. Here are all the life time events happened to my career.

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Software Engineer


April 2017
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PR Ninja

PR Ninja helps you monitor all the open pull requests assign to you for Github.

What's Include:

  • Menu Icon: Icon color changed when you have pull request to review.
  • Menu Bar: See open pull requests with preview text assigned to you.
  • Notification Center: The app can optionally notify you new pull request via notification center alerts.
  • OAuth2 login: Making it more secure when logging into your Github account.
Download March 14, 2017
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Bubbly - Send Customized Stylish Message Bubbles

Bubbly turns your text messages into stylish message bubbles! Designed to take advantage of iMessage with one tap on iOS 10. Over 20 styles to choose from!

Download November 16, 2016
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Pista - Advanced multisport tracker with navigation support

Pista is the perfect partner for athletes on the go. It has been designed to take advantage of the latest Apple Watch technologies, with feature sets for fitness training and outdoor navigation. Ready to help you train or guide you in competition, features such as offline map and intelligent voice alert make it even more convenient to plan activities from the wrist.

More Info Download April 11, 2015
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Planet Emoji - Fun Cloud Source Emoji Keyboard

Planet Emoji, the premier emoji and emoticon keyboard, has been designed exclusively to take advantage of iOS 8. It makes it fast, easy and fun to create and share hilarious emoji art across virtually every app on your iPhone or iPad, including Whatsapp, iMessage, Twitter, Instagram, Hangouts, and more!

September 25, 2014
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First Software Engineer

Seesaw Learning Inc

January 2014
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Software Engineer for Google Maps iOS


  • Working on Incidents feature and launched it for V2
    • Working closely with PMs, UX designers, Android Team, GMM Server team, Desktop Team.
    • Touches the UI layer, rendering layer and application backend.
    • Integrated with Waze incidents without client change.
  • Working on tablet infrastructure within limited amount of time and launched it for V2
    • Working on several critical features including Omnibox, Explore, Searching, Directions.
    • Finished the explore feature for 2013 IO demo within 2 days.
  • Ramping up on server side labeling
  • Building the tile debug tools for the rendering team
  • Helping the Test team get ready for the biopic, which helps us monitor the UI regressions.
October 2012 - January 2014
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Mobile Applications Developer (Contractor)


May 2012
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Reddit HD on MacOS

Reddit HD provides you an amazing way to experience Reddit on your mac.

Download December 6, 2011
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Software Engineer Intern


• Implemented the service proxy for HTTP and Thrift services inside Twitter. Also, finished the performance test and helping other teams to migrate their projects using the Service Proxy.

• Added attributions to Apache Mesos project and implemented rack restriction on top of it.

September - December, 2011
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Software Engineer Intern


• Implemented more than 7 travel ad formats on and Maps page using Python.

• Added center cropping feature to Google Image Serving backend on both C++ and Java side.

• Wrote a map reduce that parses the location information and doubles the hotel entries in Google database.

January - April, 2011
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Mobile Applications Developer (Contractor)


September 2010 - January 2011
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My Friends HD


It's a facebook client for ipad. Just download it and try.

September 17, 2010
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Foto News

Getting tired of text news? Foto news provide a new way to browser news with photos on your ipad.

All the contents are from WORLD FAMOUS Big Picture photo journalist blog for your iPAD BIG SCREEN.

You can also view the comments, save photo to iphone.



PS: This app also supports to select by category.

August 28, 2010
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Xpanel对iPad的控制应用程序已经完全与Xpanel编程软件集成,包括Control SystemBuilder, T-Design在Xpanel数据库中该程序作为一个独立的宏模块,能够直接从数据库中拖放到控制程序中, 然后上传到Xpanel的CM-QSII 系列控制系统。定制的GUI设计和编程设置完全与任何其它的控制模块一样使用。

从iTunes App Store上能免费下载Xpanel控制应用程序到iPad 上。在iPad上启动应用程序来初始化iPad和CIMATE控制系统间的通讯。系统自动会在网络查找CM-QSII系统主机并实现连接。通过一个 iPad可以连接多个定位位置。一旦连接页面关闭,双向的通讯就会立刻建立起来,数据文档会从Xpanel的控制器里下载到iPad上。iPad上就会显示Xpanel的图形界面,并且完美地控制所有被集成控制的设备,宛如直接从Xpanel的触摸屏上控制一样。

Xpanel控制应用程序兼容原先的iPhone,iPhone 3G以及iPod 触摸系列。

July 31, 2010
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The Beer Store

It's an app that helps you search for beer price in Ontario.

April 13, 2010
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Manga HD

Manga HD provides you an different way to read Manga. It has a built-in browser for you to download manga in zip and rar formats. It's also smart enough to know how to crop pages.

April 8, 2010
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Software Engineer Intern


• Added Printing and PDF support to nextstop using Python and ReportLab pdf library.

• Built photo uploading tools that resize and bulk upload photos using Flash10 and AJAX.

May - August, 2010
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Daily Travel

Daily Travel is my first iPad application that takes advantage of the iPad screen to provide users useful travel information. It also takes advantage of the API as well.

March 31, 2010
Travel Around the World Icon

Travel Around the World

Travel Around of World takes advantage of the API to share recommendations for the places people love most all over the world, with the goal that wherever you are, the app can help you can find something great to do. It features short, positive recommendations, with photos, maps, and factual information about all the places in the system.

January 15, 2010
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Hi Santa Claus!

Hi Santa Claus is not a traditional Twitter client!

It shows you how are people celebrating Christmas around your area!

It also shows you what people taking about xmas all over the world.

Rotate your device into landscape mode, it will show you the twitter clock! Playing Christmas music, with the ability to see latest weather information and clock system, now you device become a christmas decoration!

Try it now! it's worth it!

December 17, 2009
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MobiTracker is the best native iphone client for Pivotal Tracker.

• Support SSL Connections

• Optimized for offline usage. You can view project details, stories, and using search feature offline. The internet connection is only needed for a very short time.

• Incredible Email feature. Able to send multiple stories to members in the same projects. For example, you can select all finished stories-> pick the fields(Story name, url, notes…) you want to include in the email-> select members in the same project or the user defined address-> done! VERY USEFUL FEATURE when communicating with clients!

• Able the group activities in into different group. Very easy to focus on the project has higher priority.

• Able to highlight new activities. You won't missed one of them.

• Able to change story state(ex:done->deliver) by one click. Simple and easy to use!

• Able to group stories into four categories: current, done, backlog, icebox

• Support finger gesture like swipe to delete stories or switch to prev/next story

• Able to reply notes in email reply format.

• Support multiple line signature

• Able to change the font size

• Hyperlinks are automatically detected and can be opened in the build-in web browser.

December 10, 2009
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Software Engineer Intern


• Implemented 3 iPhone applications that are available in app store: CitySearch, Buzzd, Calorie Count

• Created a prototype iPhone project to show location information on map by user’s emotion (for instance, are they feeling happy or sad in particular place?); persuaded to form a new team to further develop this idea.

• Received outstanding evaluation by the end of the term.

September - December, 2009
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Mobile News - Newsgroup Reader

This is my first iPhone application that allow you to fetches newsgroup articles and reply to them. It's an essential tool for Waterloo CS students.

June 30, 2009
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Taking Stanford CS193P Online

Visiting Lecturer: Alan Cannistraro, Evan Doll

Read More June 7, 2009
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My Newsgroup

This is the first ever app I've written. It fetchs newsgroup articles from my blackberry.

April, 2009
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Undergraduate Student at Waterloo

September, 2007
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Born in Yichun, China